Your Story Can Change the World

There is a story in each of us, and it begins with the journey between you and God. Telling that story may not be easy, but it is always worth it.


Your story matters more than you know.

Kevin DurhamFounder, Chief Storyteller

Miracle Matt Film

"I wear my scars on my arms for the whole world to see, but some of the deepest scars are unseen."


Scarred for Good Discover The Goodness Of God In Your Story

Dive into a 7-episode video series created to help individuals and groups discover and develop their personal story in Christ. This story-driven curriculum features our award-winning film, Miracle Matt, as the catalyst to inspire your journey.

We exist to help you bridge the gap between your story and God’s story of redemption in several ways: WHAT WE DO


Watch the groundbreaking films that have brought the gospel to millions of people around the world. Everyone has a story that seeks to be told, and our films and videos tell those stories in a way that could change your life.

Story Podcast

Looking for inspiration and encouragement? Subscribe to our weekly Story Podcast for authentic conversations with some of the greatest storytellers on the planet.


Plan your next conference or series for your church, organization or university around This Is My Story. We’re veteran keynote speakers focused on audience engagement and impactful messages. Or utilize our virtual speaker package for small groups going through the curriculum.

Story Discovery

Find and develop your own story through our curriculum and story coaching. You’ll answer important questions like “Is my story any good?” and “Where is God working through it?”. Our team is committed to helping you know the value of your unique story.

Why We Make Stories ABOUT US

We’ve seen how inspiring it is when someone shares their story. We also know most people don’t think theirs is interesting or exciting enough. Luckily, we know better, and we’re on a mission to help people change the world with their stories.