The Live Speaker Experience Scarred for Good Series

We are so excited for you to experience this series, and now we’re offering a way to make it even more exciting and impactful: the live speaker experience.

Invite Matt Manzari (of Miracle Matt) or Kevin Durham (Author of Scarred for Good and Producer of Miracle Matt) to speak live at your event or virtually to smaller groups as you launch this series. Their dynamic engagement is a powerful start for the entire series.

Live Speaker Opportunities

Small Group Zoom Call Option 1

Small groups studying Scarred for Good can be joined by Matt and/or Kevin for a 45 minute Zoom call, where everyone will be directly inspired and encouraged to discover their story and ask questions. Available for a limited time and based on availability. This format works best as a Q&A, or a message and Q&A.

  • Price $150 (Kevin)
  • Price $250 (Matt)

Keynote Speaker Option 2

Churches and organizations launching the Scarred for Good series can invite Matt and/or Kevin to be a keynote speaker. This is especially impactful as part of a large screening of Miracle Matt, so that participants can go deeper with Matt or Kevin and ask questions. Keynote speeches can be virtual or in-person, depending on the schedule. Interview our speakers, or have the speakers provide a keynote message and Q&A time.

Interested in one of the add-on options?

What Others Are Saying...

Our speakers are trusted by leaders across the country for dynamic, Christ-centered events. Meet Our Storytellers


Kevin Durham

Founder, Chief Storyteller of This Is My Story / Author of “Scarred for Good”

Kevin is an award-winning film producer and director, compelling conference speaker and American Ninja Warrior contestant. He brings an unmatched passion and conviction for using stories as a catalyst for gospel transformation and for building a biblical community.

Ideas for Keynote and Breakout Topics
  • Marriage & Infertility, featured with his wife, Emily
  • American Ninja Warrior Competitor: “Unmet Expectations”
  • How to Know Your Story Matters
  • Thoughts Drive Your Narrative
  • What Is Your Story?
  • Christ In the Adoption Story

Matt Manzari

Burn Survivor and Subject of Miracle Matt / Speaker & Author / Former Professional Athlete

Matt is a tremendous speaker and commands the attention of every room he enters. His story includes being electrocuted with 15,000 volts of electricity that nearly killed him and undoubtedly changed his life forever. His speaking pulls from the story of losing a career as a professional athlete, nearly dying and ultimately gaining a new perspective that motivates audiences to achieve greater callings in life.

Ideas for Keynote and Breakout Topics
  • Turn Your Pain into Purpose
  • Committed to the Journey in Front of You
  • Never Give Up
  • Where Is God in My Struggle

Emily Durham

Co-Founder of This Is My Story / Professional Athlete

Emily is an X-Games Gold Medalist and five-time American Ninja Warrior competitor who loves to share her incredible story of becoming a world champion athlete while keeping Jesus at the center of it all. Emily especially enjoys speaking to youth, women and married couples.

  • Marriage & Infertility, featured with her husband, Kevin
  • American Ninja Warrior Discipline to Succeed
  • Finding Your True Identity in Christ
  • When You Don’t Get What You Pray For

Mike Cortes

New York Fireman / 9/11 Survivor

As a New York City fireman, Mike should have died on September 11, 2001. The day before the World Trade Center towers were struck, he traded shifts with a coworker, who was ultimately trapped in the collapsing buildings. Hear his remarkable story of survival and purpose. Mike enjoys speaking at 9/11 events, healing groups and motivational events.

  • My Friend Died in 9/11 Instead of Me
  • A Second Chance at Life. What Now?
  • God Works Behind the Scenes
  • Live Life With No Regrets

Sharon Parker

Speaker & Social Reformer

If you combined Queen Latifah and Jesus, you would get Sharon Parker. Her contagious spirit captivates any audience. Her powerful story of drugs, alcohol and prostitution are glorified by God’s redemptive story in her life. Be moved and inspired as Sharon reveals how these struggles were cover-ups to bigger problems she had to overcome.

  • Overcoming Racism: God Used a White Man to Lead Me to Jesus
  • I Look Into the Mirror... And I’m Proud Now
  • In the Midst of No Hope, Jesus Changes Everything

Kristi Overton Johnson

World Champion Athlete / Author & Speaker / Founder of KOJ Ministry

Kristi is a one-of-a-kind communicator who has a deep vault of powerful stories to engage any audience, from becoming a world-class athlete to speaking in prisons across the country. She has collected thousands of stories of life change through her nationwide prison publication, Victorious Living Magazine.

  • Hit It: How to Win in Life
  • What I’ve Learned in 18 Years of Being a Professional Athlete
  • The Mind-Blowing Reality of Reaching Inmates as a Woman
  • What You See on the Outside is Not Always Reality

Host an Event

Our incredible keynote speakers are a must-have addition to the Scarred for Good curriculum. With live in-person or virtual options, a keynote speaker makes your large event or small group study even more authentic and inspiring.