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Scarred For Good Series

Award Winning Film, Story Guide and Video Series | SMALL GROUP STUDY - 7 SESSIONS

Every story matters, but it can be difficult to dive in and share our scars in the process of telling that story. Uncover your gospel story through this amazing series. Be inspired by the film, discover and develop your own story through the book and build community by studying it with others.

Featuring the award-winning film, Miracle Matt, the series will inspire you to see the work of the gospel in Matt’s life and the goodness of God in your own story. Get ready for one of the most life-changing series you’ve ever experienced.

Available Purchase Options

  • Printed Book + Digital Access - Most recommended format. Leaders and participants have a physical book that includes series questions, daily devotions and journal space. All media content is digital and easily accessible.
  • Digital Access Only - Leaders and participants will access all content digitally including personal questions, daily devotions and journal.
  • Bonus Options - Enhance the series experience with a guest speaker, include weekly sermons in the Pastor’s Kit or meet additional group needs through the Small Group Bundle.
  • Bulk Order Pricing - Benefit from bulk order savings when you order for a large group or conference. For orders over 100 please contact us here.

Add a Bonus Speaker Option Upgrade Your Experience

Our incredible keynote speakers are a must-have addition to the Scarred for Good curriculum. With live in-person or virtual options, a keynote speaker makes your large event or small group study even more authentic and inspiring.