Will Camp For Story Tee

Color: Midnight


Also available in Cardinal


This is not a statement. It’s a way of life and a lens through which you see people. You know behind every person is a story worth hearing worth camping out for.

Will you slow down mentally, physically and otherwise to “camp out” with someone to hear their story?

Like any well marked hiking trail, the path our story takes can lead to destruction or the Promised Land.

Now you are the “Story Tour Guide. Let the journey begin!

Follow the signs on “Will Camp For Story” tee, to journey with someone to the promise land. Along the way, try to avoid, “religious rapids.” They are dangerous. When it comes to your story, definitely don’t visit “doubtful dunes.” It’s a trick. Remember never doubt your story matters and people want to hear it. Might we suggest the view from the “Cliffs Of Curiosity.”

Happy Camping!!!