Scarred For Good Small Group Bundle – Guide, Film and Video Series (Digital Download)

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Film Access + 1 Digital Access LEADER Guide + 9 Digital Access PARTICIPANT Guides

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Leader's Guides - Digital Download

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Participant Guides - Digital Download

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Digital Participant Guide Includes:

  •  Access to Miracle Matt Film
  • Access to 7 Video Sessions
  • 7 Session Story Development Process
  • Individual Story Discovery Questions // Group Discussion
  • 30 Day Journal (Discover Your Story)
  • 30 Day Devotions (The gospel story)

Digital Leader Guide Includes everything above PLUS the following:

  • How To Structure The Series
  • Helpful Tips To Lead Your Group
  • Discussion Guidance & Support
  • Icebreaker Ideas
*Pastor’s Kit With Sermons Sold Separately. See here.
*Printed version of this kit available here.

In the Scarred For Good Series, participants will embark on a unique journey focused on their individual story of faith. As a catalyst for inspiration, this series features the award-winning documentary film, MIRACLE MATT. The film and series is designed to help individuals identify their scars and discover the goodness of God in their own story. Not all scars are visible but we all have them. In fact, most scars are unseen. In the end, God’s goodness is found in the nail-scarred hands of Jesus and made known through our lives.

MIRACLE MATT was once a world-class athlete until facing not just one, but two life-threatening accidents. The second accident of which he was electrocuted with 15,000 volts of electricity. That is equivalent to hooking him up to 6 electric chairs at the same time. Through a long recovery process, Matt not only survives but discovers a new perspective and identity that is rooted in a story much bigger than his. Excerpts from the film are included in the weekly teaching videos featuring Matt Manzari.

This Is My Story has created the Scarred For Good series to bring to light the connection between the film (Matt’s story), your story, and ultimately God’s grand story of love and redemption. It is a warm and inviting series, great for long-time churchgoers, first-timers, and even non-believers.

*This product includes a printed book for Scarred For Good. All videos and the film are accessible online. Once you make your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access your digital content. It is simple and user-friendly.

SCARRED FOR GOOD: Discovering The Goodness Of God In Your Story

Overview Of Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Watch MIRACLE MATT film
  • Session 2 – Seeing Beyond Your Walls
  • Session 3 – Believing The Goodness In Your Story
  • Session 4 – Feeling Your Scars
  • Session 5 – Finding The Meaning & Healing In Your Scars
  • Session 6 – Committed To Being Stretched
  • Session 7 – Sharing Your Story